My faith journey was impacted by connecting with Solomon’s words of wisdom in what we call the Biblical book of Ecclesiastes. Writing at the end of his life, he concluded that being in awe of God and giving Him all glory is the chief end of man. We were created in His image, and so all the capacities and capabilities we have are a reflection of our creator.

Culture and the direction it’s moving reflects an old story that was presented to the world after the fall. Simply put, it says that we can become God and that God is therefore irrelevant.

The pace of societal change is accelerating, and technology is the pathway for that change. Our society then transfers the champion’s role of creative energy business development, entrepreneurial activity, and product development to science, technology, and the genius of talented men and women.

God is now irrelevant, highlighting the importance of man.

“In the beginning, God created……and He saw that it was good.” Let me reposition the thought process. Let’s start with the Creator and Solomon’s conclusion. Here is the foundational thought that forms us in the right place and leads to a God-honoring conclusion. Listen: God owns it all. We either start here or we start with us. It is a decision each of us must make. I choose to begin with “God owns it all,” and my role is to steward what He has created.

All technology is a reflection of God’s creative nature built into us. Whether we are Jesus’s followers or not, the creative result is a reflection of God’s heart. And, following Solomon’s conclusion, we give Him the glory and look forward to the words, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

I am so excited about the technological advances exploding out of God’s creativity and solving our current and dynamic needs. When we see developing technology that allows early detection of infections and antibiotic solutions in an hour rather than a week or more, give glory to God. When we see a new capacity to bring an independent energy source from solar and wind energy allowing 5G availability to the most remote sections of the country, give glory to God. When we see the capacity to bring oxygen to our bloodstream without using lung capacity, give Glory to God. When we see the capacity to bring significant savings on ministry currency exchange, give glory to God. When we see Bible translations accelerating from a decades-long process to less than three years, give glory to God!

All of the above examples are real, and there are thousands more in process. Whether the developer is a Christ-follower or not, the innovative and creative results come from our being seated in God’s image.

As our culture attempts to marginalize our faith and worldview, the impact of technology assures me, and hopefully you, that God is blessing His world by allowing the ongoing development of solutions to our life challenges. Whether we are talking about health issues, social problems, safety concerns, physical constraints, or Kingdom expansion.

As Christ-followers, we are called to reflect God’s character in all that we do. As the Church, we are called to understand and be leaders in solving the world’s problems. Jesus is the answer to our life journey and the creativity built into us is the methodology God uses to bless His world.

I’m excited about the technology solutions exploding around us. Let’s embrace what God’s providing to us. It is His plan to bless us. Embrace the technology and use it for His glory and your blessings.