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Take action in your Retirement Reformation with our partners! Our partners have established ways for you to make a difference in your community.

Every Student Sent

Whether one-on-one with students, in person or online, or using your business skills to bless students in your city or the nation, you will make a lasting difference through Every Student Sent.

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Corporate Partners

Live with Meaning Foundation

The Live with Meaning Foundation is the parent organization of The Retirement Reformation. It exists to help churches and ministries encourage and equip Christians to maximize God’s call through events, resources, networks, and more.


Founded by Richard and Leona Bergstrom, Re-Ignite is committed to helping men and women entering their second half of life find meaning and purpose. Their retreats, seminars, and related materials help individuals discover who God designed them to be and help release their dreams as they consider the next season of life.

Bruce Bruinsma

Bruce Bruinsma is a central figure in the “Retirement Reformation” movement. As the Founder and CEO of Envoy Financial, a retirement provider that serves those in ministry, Bruce has encouraged men and women for over 25 years to look at retirement as a “Future Funded Ministry” where they will have the time and financial freedom to apply a life’s worth of talent and experiences to God’s Kingdom. In 2017, Bruce formed the Live with Meaning Foundation to further empower Christians toward an entire lifetime of ministry.

Envoy Financial

For over 30 years, Envoy has specialized in providing cost-effective retirement plans to churches, missionaries, and other faith-based organizations. Envoy is built on the belief that if we financially prepare for retirement, it can be a season when we could have the most freedom with our finances and time to continue serving God and others.

Professional Partners

My desire is to have a lifetime marked and highlighted by a continuous and growing relationship with God. In addition, to have a lifetime marked by a continuous and growing relationship with those who are important to me. I am growing older, it is inevitable. Consequently, I want to understand what it means to grow older with those relationships in tack.

Dr. Hans Finzel

I don’t care for the word “retired”, because to me it sounds like I am “benched.” But that is just me. When my co-author Rick Hicks and I were writing, “Launch Your Encore,” we interviewed a lot of aging Baby Boomers. “Retirement” is different for each of us. One older retired gentleman we ran into said, “My retired friends either love it or hate it.” So we asked, “Why do they hate it?” “Because they have not figured out what do to and they are bored stiff.”

Amy Hanson

The older we get the more different we become. It is imperative that church leaders recognize those differences and not attempt to minister with this group as a single entity. Traditionally, ministry with those in the retirement years meant providing ways for senior adults to combat loneliness and find purpose through social events and outings, aka. bus trips and potluck luncheons. While there is nothing inherently wrong with these activities, they neglect to recognize the breadth of diversity among those in the second half of life.

Dr. Gary G. Hoag

A global view of retirement reveals a mix of different perspectives. When viewed alongside biblical evidence, further helpful insights for application come into view. In America, for example, most understand retirement as the time for living off of accumulated finances. Strategic saving gives people the option to stop working and to live off the income from assets earned or pension promised over their remaining days. For many it’s a time to “eat, drink, and be merry” (Luke 12:19).

Brian Kluth

As I turned 60, my wife and I felt led to become part of a new church plant with a 26-year old pastor. For the first three years, I ended up becoming a “pew-sitter” with nowhere to serve. Recently, we started hosting a homegroup and have been invited to join the elder team. Personal meetings and meals with the pastor where I hoped to offer some pastoral wisdom and insights often mainly turned into listening sessions. I live every day in this need for a Retirement Reformation to happen on an intensely personal because of my involvement with an enthusiastic young pastor and church family that isn’t quite sure how to involve senior saints with a wealth of skills, experiences, time, and resources.

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