A Retirement Reformation Weekend Event

The Retirement Reformation Weekend is designed to expand the Church’s ministry to Seniors (55 and older).

Demonstrate to Seniors that the Church cares for them beyond their financial contributions.

Reduce the number of seniors leaving the church and attract more members to it.

Establish a base for senior growth and integration into other programmatic areas of the church.

Firm the financial base of the church’s ministry (typically 40 plus percent of your budget comes from members 60 and over)

Reach out to seniors in your community bringing them into the RR dynamic and showing them that your church cares and values them.

The Weekend Outline

    The Schedule
    • Our representatives meet with staff to review the Church’s retirement plan and meet with any staff one on one to review their status and future direction.
      Friday evening (1.5 hours): Church family and senior community invited to an inspiring evening including an expanded understanding of Retirement in our times, the 5 Benefits of growing older, and a challenge to find meaning and purpose, freedom, and joy during the 3 stages of retirement.
    • Saturday (4.5 hours): A seminar addressing key issues facing seniors in waiting, those in process, and those winding up.
      • Finding meaning and purpose
      • Organizing your life and estate
      • Discovering new friendships and maintaining mental health
      • Dealing with family issues and a changing community
      • Transitioning to and through each of the Stages of Retirement
      • What to do now?
    • Bruce Bruinsma, founder of Retirement Reformation, will bring a Sunday morning, and or Saturday night, message if desired.
    The Church Investment
    • Promotion of the Friday night gathering to the community and church members.
    • Use of the church auditorium, janitorial staff, and audio/visual/technical staff.
    • Introduction to the evening by the Senior Pastor. (This is an evangelistic event)
    • Receiving the reservations and ticketing for the Saturday event.
    • Room and set up for Saturday seminar.
    • Refreshments for Seminar. Coffee, tea, etc.
    • Bruce will be available to fill the pulpit for Sunday service(s) if desired. His biblically based message will focus on our ongoing call to impact the Kingdom, grow in our relationship with God, and deeply embrace what Jesus meant by loving our neighbor. He will promote intergenerational relationships.
    Retirement Reformation Provides
    • Bruce’s expenses will be totally covered by Envoy Financial.
    • This includes up to 3 days of presentation, ministry, and consultation, including meetings with Staff and Church leadership.

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