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O2 for life

You’re invited to join us for an Oxygen for Life event that will address the most important issues for those in their retirement years! At this free event, we will discuss solutions to potential challenges, overcoming loneliness, building new relationships, and so much more. This is a don’t-miss event for anyone 55 or older.


Friday evening, we will gather at your venue for the first event of our weekend. During this time, Bruce Bruinsma, Founder & CEO of Retirement Reformation will challenge the new realities and cultural lies about retirement, leading to new pathways lined with meaning and purpose, freedom, and joy.


A deeper dive into the call to be faithful for a lifetime. This workshop will drill down into areas of specific importance. Bruce will unpack five key topics to guide and inform the life journey in retirement and encourage those 55+ and older to experience love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, self-control, and generosity.


“That I was here was not an accident. I realized that God does have a plan for me in my retirement!”

“Having had the chance to do nothing for a couple of years, I have found that that is misery. I am ready for more.”

“I have been lonely and bored. The days seemed like weeks. I now realize I don’t have to live like that.”


We believe that because of the faithfulness of your community, the following outcomes will be accomplished

Refreshed Sense of Care

Older citizens will feel the love and care of your church and see you value them beyond their financial contributions.


Those 55+ in your area will experience your church body in a way they have not before.

New Avenue for Outreach

A base for growth of outreach to aging family and neighbors will be established.


A reduction in the number of older adults leaving your church.


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